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About Us

About Us

We're Spin Mobile and this is our story.

Spin Mobile is the leading financial statement analysis solution for data-driven financial institutions in Africa.


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Our Vision

To Inspire a data-driven future in Africa.

Our Mission

To give financial institutions the best next generation tools and services to manage risk and increase profitability.

Who we are

Our Story

Spin Mobile was incorporated in 2019 as a lending company providing access to credit to the un-banked and under-served.
With the goal of serving its customers faster, Spinmobile developed a Lending Management System(Spin CBS) which it shared with fellow Microfinance Institutions solving the same problem.
During this period the need for a low cost, accurate and fast credit analysis tool arose.
The team set to develop Spincrunch, now one the best financial statements tool in Sub-Sahara Africa enabling financial institutions to extend credit to the under-served and UN-banked in a matter of minutes!

Our values


We are fully compliant with the regulatory and statutory requirements in our countries of operation. We have in place a legal framework to protect the company from all threats. We have mapped out all risks, carried out due diligence and put in place business continuity and sustainability plans.


Our staff manifest a strong value system; passionate, professional, high integrity and competent in their domains.


We prioritize issues and situations affecting all our customers in a proactive and timely manner, using flexible decision making processes;

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

Awesome people doing incredible things!

Why chose us.


Technology evolves every day and this is the very essence of innovation being our critical success factor.


Get your 360 ° customer view in under five minutes.


We guarantee you round the clock support and adhere to all global security standards for seamless delivery of services.

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